Our deer placenta supplement is live cell therapy in a capsule. It is a blend of deer placenta live stem cells and nine other precious ingredients known to protect, repair and rejuvenate the body's tissues and organs to keep a person “young”.

Our deer placenta supplement contains live cells that are capable of stimulating the growth and function of existing tissues. The live cells are instrumental in "waking up" dormant cells within the human body and creating new synapses and connective tissue. It is a non-toxic health supplement.


It is a well-known secret that the rich and famous go to Switzerland for placenta (sheep) injections to maintain their vitality and youth and reverse the ageing process. As the placentas are fresh, sterilised and frozen, the injections can cost as high as US$30,000 and are done in exclusive clinics. The results are dramatic.

With modern technology, it is now possible to freeze-dry the placenta to preserve the cells so that they remain "live" up to four years. The cells must be kept “live” so that they can stimulate renewal in the body’s system.

Placenta injections must be administered under strict medical supervision as complications such as allergic shock and sometimes bacteria infection may occur. The original Swiss placenta injections are tailored to the individual and are very expensive. Our deer placenta supplement has the same effectiveness, caters to everyone and is easily accessible. It costs less and poses no known risk.

From the moment we are born, we start to age. Believe it or not, we were made to live 120 years, but because of present-day lifestyles, dietary habits, pollution, stress and disease, we may age prematurely. A lot of these lifestyle factors generate free-radicals which damage cells and tissues. Our deer placenta supplement contains not only antioxidants to prevent the free radical damage to cells, but also has the ingredients to rejuvenate the damaged and worn-out cells and tissues.

The recommended dosage is for six months. As cells deteriorate over the years, time is needed for the cells to grow back; cell renewal is only possible with continual consumption and six months is a good time-frame to rejuvenate and repair. As each person’s body condition is different, the period of time needed to see significant results is different for each individual.

Usually six months is enough time to produce results. However, you are encouraged to continue taking, especially if you find it beneficial and wish to maintain the good health you have regained. Besides, there are no known side effects with prolonged intake. But if you stop taking it, there will be no adverse effects on your body.


Our deer placenta supplement is a supplement that stimulates body rejuvenation. Besides deer placenta, seven other precious anti-ageing substances have been blended into our deer placenta. They work together to effectively promote cell renewal, repair damaged cells and replace them with new ones to maintain vitality and physical alertness.

Our deer placenta supplement offers a benefit that normal supplements do not because it allows new cells to grow and replace old cells to rejuvenate and renew the body system. It will not take away the benefits of other supplements, instead it may enhance their benefits.

The deer placenta live cells are extracted from the afterbirth and no deer are harmed or sacrificed in the process. These cells are then freeze-dried to preserve them.

Our deer placenta supplement is extracted from fresh deer placenta which contains the most active and most energetic live cells. These live cells can rejuvenate the damaged, worn-out cells and tissues in our body. Normal placentas are usually in powdered form, cooked or processed and do not have any live cells. Their effect is different from that of our deer placenta, which is superior in quality.

Those who want to reverse the ageing process and those who feel their body deteriorating and weakening. It is also good for those who wish to rejuvenate their bodies and replace old cells with fresh cells. Patients who are recovering from an illness can also benefit from taking it.

We recommend taking four capsules daily for the first month, any time of the day, and two capsules daily for subsequent months. However, it differs according to each individual body’s needs. One may increase or decrease dosage as desired.

Our deer placenta supplement is not a drug as it does not contain any chemicals. It is a nutritional supplement and should not conflict with Chinese or Western medicines.


Disclaimer: this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Please consult your doctor first before starting this programme.